About the Windy Fight Gear Factory in Thailand

Important Notice: Alert on Counterfeit Windy Products

Authenticity and Heritage

At Windy Fight Gear, authenticity is not just a word; it's our foundation. Born and nurtured in Thailand, the cradle of Muay Thai, Windy stands as a testament to genuine craftsmanship and the spirit of combat sports. Our journey began in Thailand, deeply connected to the origins and traditions of Muay Thai.

Alert on Counterfeit Products

We have noticed a concerning trend: counterfeit Windy products are being manufactured outside Thailand, specifically in Pakistan. These products do not represent the quality, heritage, or values of original Windy Gear. We want to emphasize that genuine Windy products are shipped exclusively from our facilities in Thailand, carrying the legacy of our founders and the trust of generations of fighters.

The Windy Legacy

Established in 1951, Windy is proud to be Thailand’s oldest fight gear brand, evolving over the decades to meet the needs of fighters worldwide. Originally focused on Muay Thai, our product range now includes premium boxing equipment and MMA gear, catering to all facets of combat sports.

Commitment to Quality

Our promise at Windy is simple: uncompromising quality. Each piece of our fight gear is crafted with precision, merging traditional methods with modern innovation to offer superior performance and durability. This commitment is why professional fighters across the globe trust Windy to deliver the best fight gear.

Evolving with Fighters

As the world of combat sports has expanded, so has Windy. Our evolution reflects our dedication to supporting every fighter’s journey, from traditional Muay Thai to MMA fighters and boxers. We provide high quality fight gear that supports your growth and matches your ambition.

Endorsed by Champions

Windy’s reputation for quality is not just claimed; it’s proven. Champions and professional fighters around the world choose Windy, recognizing our gear as one of the best in the industrie.

Crafted in Thailand, Embraced by the World

While our reach is global, our roots are based in Thailand, ensuring that every product we make stays true to the essence of the Thai fight culture.

Join Our Legacy

Choosing Windy means embracing a legacy of excellence, tradition, and the spirit of a fighter. We invite you to be part of this story, where heritage meets innovation in the heart of combat sports. Join us and carry forward the legacy of authentic, top-tier fight gear from Thailand.

Thank you for choosing Windy Fight Gear—where champions are made.

Sincerely yours: Wongprasertkarn Nutsiri 

Owner of Windy Sports co.,ltd Thailand